January 7, 2018

Visioning Instead of Resolving….and a deadline

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Dear Perfect Reader:

“I was reminded of the powerful connection that resulted from taking the time to get grounded.  It was a powerful experience taking the day to retreat from the business of life. I left feeling relaxed from the yoga, rejuvenated from the meditation and really connected to my inner voice.”  – Bev

“Thanks so much for the wonderful retreat on Saturday. It was a most-needed pause for me to recharge my batteries mid-winter. I’m definitely feeling lighter ever since.

It was a positive experience that made me slow down, look within myself and embrace my personal time. It reminded me to take a few moments to look within and reconnect with my breath when life gets hectic. I would recommend it to my friends, especially those who are interested in a path of personal discovery.” – Andrea

 Just a couple of comments from past retreat participants.  The winter Way of the Happy Woman retreat is coming up at the end of January and there are still spaces left for you!  Scroll down for dates and times or click here for more information and to register.  Remember, the early deadline is just a few days away on Friday January 5th!  I would be delighted to have you join me.

Visioning Instead of Resolving

Please stop.

Please stop right now….

Stop thinking of everything you didn’t do in 2017, of all the ways you didn’t measure up, of all the ways life will be different in 2018.

Please, please don’t start this year by beating yourself up with New Years resolutions.  I believe New Years resolutions are just subtle ways to put yourself down.  And when you can’t keep those resolutions (which most of us can’t) you will feel even worse. Most resolutions imply that you weren’t enough last year and so this year you need to move heaven and earth to be enough.

You are enough.

You worked enough, you learned enough, you loved enough, you moved your body enough, you watched your diet enough….

You. Are. Enough.

Besides, January in the northern hemisphere is not the time for making big plans, taking bold actions and forcing yourself to the gym at 6:00 am every morning.  January is the time for resting, recovery and reflection.  It’s also a time for visioning.  Your body, heart and spirit need time to rest and to digest the year that has passed – all the actions and experiences, the loves and the losses.

Consider another way this year.  Give yourself a break.  Reflect on the year and make a note of all the times when you were amazing.  Then get your blanket and favorite beverage and (after your nap ??) let yourself dream and vision for your new year.  Give yourself the month to allow for inspiration and guidance from your inner wise self – let your true desires and longings make themselves known to you.  Then follow those desires.  Chances are, you’ll still be doing that by this time next year!

I feel like this is the way for all of us to have a Happy New Year but feel free to hit reply and let me know what you think!  Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  Do they motivate you or would you like to try another way?





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December 12, 2017

Put Yourself on the List!

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Sparkling Reader:

“Put myself on the list??”

She halted abruptly, her yoga block hovering in midair over the stack, her face incredulous as the meaning of the statement sank into her mind.

“You mean actually put myself on my to do list?”  she questioned.

We had just finished our meditation class.  I had been encouraging the class members to find some time each day to practice meditation.  One of the participants commented that if she didn’t write it down on her daily list of tasks, she never seemed to get around to practicing.

Wow!” she exclaimed, setting her yoga block on the stack.   “I can’t believe I have never thought of writing myself on the list!

What about you?  Have you thought of putting yourself on your to do list?  I know you have probably heard this advice before and I am going to say it again because the more it gets repeated, the more likely it is that you will finally hear it and act on it!


One of my other meditators commented on how much the meditation classes had been helping her.  She said that she got more things done when she meditated first and that she was more focused on what she was doing.

You don’t have to meditate (although I would love it if you did!!), just find something that nourishes you and gives you a break from the constant stream of stress that I know is flowing through your body at this time of year.

Since you have already taken a few moments to read this newsletter (thank you!), let’s take a few more moments to reduce some stress.   Here’s a short meditation practice that you can insert into your day anytime you have a chance.

Close your eyes (it’s okay, no one is watching)

Let your shoulders drop down and get heavy.

Take five slow, deep breaths into your belly.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

There.  That is the simplest way that you can put yourself on the list.  Make your list and check it twice!  What are some ways you can make sure that you are on the list?



Want another way to put yourself on the list?  Or perhaps a gift idea for yourself and a friend?  Registration is now open for…

The Way of the Happy Woman Winter Self-Care Retreat!

When we women slow down and attune to our bodies (and the cycles of nature), we become more vital, creative, and powerful. If you’re longing to learn how to put yourself on the list, please join me for a very special one day self-care retreat for women!

Together, we’ll create a sacred container for quiet contemplation and creative group practices. Nourish yourself with women’s yoga, insight meditation, seasonal self-care secrets, intuitive journaling, and more. It’s all based on The Way of the Happy Woman: Sara Avant Stover’s acclaimed book, practice collection, and global community.

It’s happening in Lorette, Manitoba at Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre on January 27, 2018. And when you register by January 5, 2018 there’s a sweet discount.

Click here for details & registration. I hope to see you there!

Winter One Day Retreat

Saturday January 27, 2018
9:30 am – 5:15 pm
Light of the Prairies Retreat Center


November 18, 2017

What are you putting off?

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Dearest Daring Reader!

Full confession.

I have been procrastinating writing to you this month.

I know the thoughts I want to share with you but putting them on (electronic) paper will mean one thing….

I will have to walk my talk.

You see, I mostly write to you about my own experiences, awareness and aha’s and if I am offering something for you to think about or to take action on, it’s important to me that I am leading by example.

Even when it’s scary. 

It’s okay to feel scared and at the same time it’s important that you don’t let that stop you.  Don’t allow yourself to get so diminished by the fear that you don’t take the steps or make the bold moves that you know you need to take.

Because it’s time, isn’t it?

Do you feel it?

The world is changing in ways we never could have imagined, and status quo is no longer comfortable.  Nothing is comfortable right now and it is this discomfort that is calling us to act.

There is something that you have been putting off, isn’t there?  Or something you have been secretly wanting to do but you know you will have to risk making mistakes or worse yet, completely failing.

It’s time to get brave, step to the edge, be bold.  It’s time to make changes and stop doing things the way we have always done them.  Stop hiding in Facebook, mindless television, busy-ness, shopping, emails and the endless administrivia that you have been conditioned to believe is important.

  • It’s time to have the conversation;
  • Make the decision;
  • Declare your desire;
  • Write the book;
  • End the relationship;
  • Sing the song;
  • Paint the picture;
  • Move.  Quit.  Let go.  Sign up.

It’s time to find out what you are made of.  It’s time to meet the you that has been hiding in the shadows of ‘I’m not sure,’ or ‘I’m not good enough,’ or ‘what would people think/say.’

I know what I would say….IT’S TIME!


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October 10, 2017

I Said “Slow Down” NOT Stop!

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Hello Darling!

“What are you imaging will happen if you slow down?” I asked my client

She stared back at me, her face turning pale and then launched into all the reasons why her slowing down would eventually lead to her children having no shoes and her family living out their days in a cardboard box…

“Who would get the groceries?  I wouldn’t get my payroll done, someone has to order supplies for work, the kids need help with their homework – what if they fail everything??  The house would be a disaster, I might miss an email or text message and what if it was important?  My business would fall apart, my family would fall apart – if I don’t keep going we’ll all end up living on the street…”

When she stopped to take a breath, I gently reminded her, “I asked if you could slow down…I didn’t say stop everything you are doing and never get out of bed!”

She laughed…” You’re right.  It’s just that my life is so overwhelming and if I’m not pushing to get through my to do list everyday I worry that something important will get missed.  Slowing down just doesn’t seem to be an option.” 

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I’ve heard minor variations of this story from most of the clients, students, retreaters and readers I’ve had over the past 12 years.  While some of the details are different, the end is always the same – everything will fall apart!

Here’s what I know to be true about this scenario.  They are correct.  Everything will fall apart – not because they slowed down but because they DIDN’T slow down.  I’ve seen it over and over and over again.  The problem is, if you don’t slow down at least occasionally, the Universe will find a way to slow you down and it’s not usually by winning a lovely pampering weekend at a spa with cabana boys!  Trust me, nothing slows you down faster that having to lay completely still so that the radiation you are receiving for cancer doesn’t hit your heart or lungs!

This full out, all or nothing pace you are going at is slowly and quietly depleting you from the inside out.  It is stealing the life and spark from your years.  Have you been feeling frumpy lately?  Forgetful?  Short tempered? Brain fog?  Maybe your friends have commented that they are experiencing similar symptoms and so you feel like it must be normal.

It’s not normal.

These are the symptoms of chronic stress – warning signs to get your attention, signs that are suggesting that a different path is needed.  And this stress is wreaking havoc with our hormones, our sleep, our heart health and brain health.

So, please consider slowing down.  You don’t have to stop,  just consider paring back a bit.  Get your groceries delivered, out source your laundry, set up a cooking co-op, refuse to answer emails after 9:00 pm, take your full lunch break, stop for 5 minutes to just sit and do nothing (not even checking your phone), trade your gym work out for a restorative yoga class once a month….and if you still think you can’t slow down, maybe its time you hired me to coach you (or hired someone – anyone – I don’t care).   Just. Slow. Down!  


P.S.  My client did slow down and she told me recently that ever since she did her business has been making more money than ever!  Just sayin’…..

P.P.S  Need some help figuring out how to keep everything going while slowing down?  Contact me for a coaching session, a private yoga class or join me at the next Way of the Happy Woman retreat!

The Way of the Happy Woman® Autumn Retreat


September 12, 2017

Are You Listening?

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This past week, I had an appointment with my oncologist.

You are the healthiest person I am going to see today,” he said after going over my latest test results.

All clear.

No signs of malignancy, no evidence of cancer.


It was four years ago last week that I started radiation treatments and now, today, I am healthy and strong and cancer free (to the best of our knowledge).

As I walked out of the clinic, my thoughts immediately turned to my to do list.  So many things needed my attention and I felt the familiar anxious pull in my body to get moving and get things done.

Stepping into the warmth of the noonday sun, I noticed another feeling in my body….an overwhelming sadness.  This was odd.

I listened more intently.

What was the sadness about?

Then, in a flood of awareness I realized I had completely brushed aside the amazing news I had just received.  Not only had I dismissed it as one small aspect of my day, I had also dismissed all of the work I had done to get myself to a healthy state of body, heart and spirit.

From the day I was diagnosed I looked for ways to come back to a balanced state of health.  I worked with a therapist, I found a wise and competent naturopath, I added supplements to my routine and drastically changed my diet.  I began working with a Chinese Medicine Doctor and having regular acupuncture treatments.

I made difficult decisions that went against the conventional advice of our western medical system.  I refused chemo treatments and hormone therapies that didn’t align with what my body needed.  When the doctors didn’t align with what I knew in the deepest part of myself that I needed, I fired them and found doctors that would co-create health with me.

I let go of my work – the business I had worked so hard to build and let it come back to me in a way that was more nourishing for me and for the people I worked with.  I dedicated myself to a daily meditation practice and in four years I have not let anything deter me from my mediation cushion.

What I did was not easy.

It takes constant practice to be able to listen to your own wisdom.  It’s harder still to take action on what your body, heart and spirit is telling you are right for you.  (Trust me, firing cancer doctors does not get you on the “nice list”!)

I listened to many people too – doctors, nurses, social workers, healers, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractor, massage therapist, nutritionists, coaches, mentors, family and friends….and I am healthy today because I filtered all that advice through my inner wise self.

I listened – deeply, closely and with faith – to the part of me that is truly wise.  The aspect of me that is connected to the Divine.

Please note….I know that many other women and men have done similar things that I have done and they have not had such positive results.  I am not saying that I have some kind of cure or that I did everything right therefore I am healthy now.  Maybe it’s a miracle …AND it’s a miracle that I had a hand in creating.  I am not brushing this off to luck or chance. I am tired of not acknowledging my efforts in life.  I have shown up for myself everyday for the past four years – it has been really hard and I am claiming this dedication.  I am celebrating – not that my tests were clear….I am celebrating that I listened and took action.

Where are you not showing up for yourself?   What is your body trying to tell you?  Can you hear the whisperings of your heart?  Where is your spirit trying to guide you?

Maybe it’s time for you to listen more closely….




June 20, 2017

Take Your Vitamins!

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The early morning sun shone through the rustling leaves, causing shadow and light to dance softly across the patio table.  Bright pink and purple flowers in containers around the deck created a colorful contrast to the green of the grass and the leaves.  Song birds twittered in the mature trees around the yard, the occasional chickadee or nuthatch landing on the feeder as if to share breakfast with us.  A mama deer casually strolled across the lawn, pausing to look over at us as my friend and I enjoyed breakfast on the deck.


One of my most favorite things to do – breakfast outside on a sunny summer morning.  Having a friend join me for breakfast only made it more delightful!

That’s how I started my week last week – by taking my bliss vitamins.

I realized a long time ago that I am much more effective when I am happy.  I have more energy, I have better concentration, I am more organized and I get more tasks done (and done well). I have often called these joy filled moments joy boosters and my teacher refers to them as bliss vitamins.  I thought that was a great way to frame it – most of us wouldn’t go for weeks without taking our vitamins or supplements or medications, why do we go for weeks without taking the time to enjoy something yummy, beautiful, peaceful, etc?

Taking a few minutes each day to enjoy or indulge in something that makes your heart sing is good for the heart, not to mention the body and the mind.

Have you taken your bliss vitamins today?




May 9, 2017

Birthdays and early registration closing!

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Darling reader:

May is my birthday month.  I love celebrating my birthday!  I feel very blessed to have this gift of life and every year I make a point of celebrating that gift.  I start by taking the day off.  This is mandatory and non-negotiable and sometimes I have to go through a fair bit of rearranging in order to make it happen but I always make sure I can take the day off.

Then I spend most of the day by myself.  It’s my own personal retreat day to do whatever I want.  I take some time to reflect on the year that has past and to dream about what I would like to happen in the coming year.  I take myself on little adventures and usually end up splurging on a nourishing body treatment at a relaxing spa.  Often I end the day with a dinner out with my sweetheart and some close friends (and some gluten free chocolate cake of course!).

How do you celebrate your birthday?  What would it be like for you to take a whole day just to focus on you?  What adventures would you go on?  What might you discover about yourself that you haven’t been aware of because of your busy life?

This one day away from my responsibilities and obligations replenishes my energy and my spirit and renews my commitment to myself and my dreams.  I would love it if everyone would take the day off on their birthday.  It’s a wonderful self-care ritual!


Which brings me to a reminder….


You are invited to join me for my Spring/Summer Way of the Happy Woman Retreat.  It may not be your birthday but giving yourself the gift of this one day retreat will be one of the best things you can do for your body, heart, mind and spirit!  Early registration closes this Friday so don’t wait too long to register.

Here are the details….

Sunday June 4, 2017

9:30 – 5:15
Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre
Lorette, Manitoba
Investment $150 or register by May 12th and pay $125
Click here to register and to get more details

I look forward to retreating with you soon!



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March 20, 2017

Happy New Year!

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A note of thanks to all the lovely responses to my last newsletter.  You are all so wonderful and caring!  And just to ease your mind (a few people were worried) that story was from (almost) four years ago during my cancer treatments.  I am in good health now, feeling great and moving on!

Happy New Year!

Can you feel it?  The energy is shifting.

Take a deep breath into your body.

Close your eyes.

Listen to your breath.

Something is different….

It’s there, trust me even if you can’t quite feel it, it’s there.

Something wants to come alive in you.

It’s time.

As we move into spring this week the energy becomes palpable.  After the long, dark winter of hibernating, resting and reflecting we now begin to feel the urge to get moving, to start planting seeds, to create something new.  This is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions, not in January when we want to curl up with a blanket and binge on Netflix! Now is the time to look to your coming year and decide what you want to create for yourself.

Every year I choose a theme for my year instead of setting New Year’s resolutions.  For me, the theme keeps me focused all year and allows for changes in energy, health and life in general.  It helps me know what to say yes to and when to say no.

My theme for 2017 is Opening to Flow.  Interestingly, it was this theme that helped me realize that forcing myself to set goals and “hit the ground running” on January 1st was not truly opening to flow – more like going against the flow!  (I wrote about this in my January newsletter)  I needed to honor the energy of winter and the needs of my body and spirit by resting and visioning until the energy of spring began to nudge me into action.

What have you been longing for?  What would you love to create for yourself in this new season?  Do you have a theme?  Would you like to choose a theme?  Align yourself with the energy of spring – fresh, awakening, vital.  Answer the call of your heart and your spirit now and notice how what you want to create is divinely supported!

Happy New Year!





February 8, 2017

You Are Worthy of Love

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Greetings Gorgeous

First let me say welcome to my new subscribers!  I hope you enjoy being a part of our community.  Also, for all of my readers, I really appreciate hearing from you when you have a comment or want clarification about my monthly message so please don’t hesitate to hit reply and let me know your thoughts!

This message is dedicated to my drivers: Leonne, Jo, Jackie, and Nancy

You are Worthy of Love

“I’m really scared,” I began to cry softly into the phone.

My friend stayed quiet, listening to me intently.

“I don’t want to do this anymore….”  I started to cry harder as the situation seemed to crash in on me.  “I don’t want to go to that hospital every day, I don’t want these treatments, I don’t want any of this….I don’t think I can do it….”

I had been handling the whole cancer process fairly well, I thought.  The diagnosis, the surgery, the recovery from surgery, the change in diet, the insane amount of medical tests and appointments but when it came to the radiation treatments, I had suddenly hit a wall.

I don’t even remember what my friend said to me that day, I just remember how she quietly let me cry and listened to my fears, as unfounded as they may have seemed, helping me to feel less alone.  She called me a few days later to check in with me and to tell me that she had a plan.

“My friend suggested something we can do to help you and I hope you’ll agree to the plan,” she said.  “We are going to drive you to your radiation treatments every day.”

I was stunned.

“There’s no need for that,” I protested.  “I’m okay – I was just having a rough day the other day….that would be too much to have you drive me every day.”

“That’s the beauty of this,” she said.  “We’ll get a whole group of people and all take turns and none of us will have to drive more than once or twice a week.  We’ll drop you off at the door, wait for you to have your treatment, and then drive you home again.  You won’t have to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot or anything!”

We talked for a few more minutes and when I finally agreed, she hung up the phone and I sat there, still feeling stunned and uncomfortable and thinking maybe I should call her back and turn down her generous offer.  I didn’t feel worthy of that kind of generosity.

But the next week, they began arriving at my door.  For over six weeks, every day, a different friend would drive me to the hospital, wait for me to have my treatment and then drive me home again.  It was the most amazing thing anyone had ever done for me.

About two weeks into my treatments, I was lying completely still on the table as the radiation machine did its thing.  I started to think about my friends driving me every day and I wondered why they would do this for me.  I wasn’t paying them, I wasn’t buying their gas, I wasn’t taking them out for lunch or even paying for the parking.  It seemed that they were doing this because they cared about me, maybe even loved me! Perhaps this was what unconditional love was all about.

I let that thought sink in and then I started to cry.  I was overwhelmed with the realization that I must be worthy of love if they were happy to do this very generous act of support, day after day, week after week….

Here I was, 49 years old and it took a cancer diagnosis to show me that I was worthy of love.

So let me tell you, my beautiful friend…you are worthy of love.  Believe it, feel it, know it, open your heart to this truth.  You don’t have to do anything to earn it, you don’t have to pay anyone for it, you don’t have to be any kind of special person – you are worthy of love simply because you exist.

You don’t need a crisis or challenge to teach you about this love – I’ve done all the hard stuff for you – all you have to do is keep repeating this over and over and over until you can fully believe it, no matter what is happening in your life.  This month, use all the Valentine messages to remind you of the most important message you could ever give yourself:

 You are worthy of love.




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January 17, 2017

Permission for a Late Start

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I’m tired.

I suspect that you might be tired too.  December seemed like the longest month ever yet it flew by in what felt like a few days.  Normally I would be wishing you a Happy New Year but to be honest, I just don’t feel the energy of a new year yet.  I only feel the remnants of a rushed and somewhat chaotic couple of months and nothing feels fully digested yet!

Usually my January newsletter has been written about resolutions, goals and themes for the New Year and as a coach it has seemed fitting that I support and remind you about creating your most joyful and aligned life.  At the same time, it doesn’t feel right to me to be encouraging you to set resolutions and hit the ground running this week.  What I really want to tell you is to rest.

Don’t set goals.

Don’t declare your resolutions.

Don’t even choose a theme.


Instead, do what winter is calling you to do.  Rest, reflect, hibernate and dream.

Nature didn’t hit the ground running at the flip of the calendar from 2016 – 2017.  You didn’t see tree’s budding out or flowers bursting into bloom.  In fact, it was the exact opposite here in Southern Manitoba when Mother Nature laid down a very heavy blanket of snow and many of us were forced to stay put.  Yet many of us are trying to implement change and growth without honoring the true energy of this season.

My theory for why New Year’s resolutions fail is partly because this is the wrong time of year to set them.  The energy of winter is not about going out and creating something new or making changes – that is the energy of Spring.  We would do much better to set resolutions in March when the energy is aligned for change, growth and new life.

So this year I am observing a “soft opening” – a later start to my New Year and I offer this late start to you as well.  Give yourself some time to truly digest the past year.  Take some time to rest and reflect on what you want to leave behind in 2016 and what you want to take into 2017.  Give yourself permission to vision and dream during these winter months and then set your goals or create your theme – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!



Offerings for Winter 2017

Even though I am taking things slower and resting more this winter, I have three offering to help you to deepen your reflection and dream time!

Please join me for … The Way of the Happy Woman Winter Self-Care Retreat!

Sisters: self-care isn’t selfish.

When we women slow down and attune to our bodies (and the cycles of nature), we become more vital, creative, and powerful. If you’re longing to give more, do more, be more, please join me for a very special one day self-care retreat for women!

Together, we’ll create a sacred container for quiet contemplation and creative group practices. Nourish yourself with women’s yoga, insight meditation, seasonal self-care secrets, intuitive journaling, and more. It’s all based on The Way of the Happy Woman: Sara Avant Stover’s acclaimed book, practice collection, and global community.

It’s happening in Lorette, Manitoba at Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre on January 28, 2017. And when you register by January 6, 2017 there’s a sweet discount.

Click here for details & registration. I hope to see you there!


Winter Retreat
Saturday January 28, 2017
9:30 am – 5:15 pm
Light of the Prairies Retreat Center
Lorette, MB


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All workshops are being held at Sundragon Studios, 3141 Portage Avenue

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