Client Testimonials


I am grateful for the Monday evening yoga sessions. I find myself using the breathing techniques you taught us at work when things get a bit stressful. Wow it really works!! I feel like I can take challenges and fears on with more strength and confidence! Thank you!

– Florence


Deb is amazing! She gives us the tools, words of wisdom, and creativity to overcome our fears to move away from excuses and embrace positive changes in our daily habits, and just “Get it Dunn”!

– Jackie C.

When I started the inner freedom process with Deb, I wanted to transition to my dream of living closer to my children, keeping good relationships and creating a healthy independent life. I was challenged by insecurity, family issues, doubts and fears. Through using the inner freedom method, Deb was able to help me to see options, to not be afraid of my doubts and fears but use them as a map, and break things down into practical doable small parts that brought success and forward momentum. I was blown away by the direction Deb led me in to discover my insights that help understand myself and the way forward. She also paraphrased and simplified my rambling words into something that made sense, something I could grab hold of and work with to overcome barriers to achievement. She was patient with setbacks and provided flexibility and understanding...always using tactics to open the way forward. Now, I have moved, am settling into my new independent life and enjoying better relationships than I expected with my family and others.

– Linda H.

What can I say... words are not enough! Working with Deb through the Inner Freedom Method has enabled me to see myself in a new way. With her guidance and insight she has helped support me and my goals to grow in a healthy and balanced way. Deb validated me and my experience in a way that I opened up to deeper and more meaningful work within myself. Much gratitude to Deb and the work that she does!

- Debbie D.

I had felt stuck in my way of thinking, in a rut & just needed a little help out. Deb gave that to me. Through using the inner freedom method, Deb was able to unlock some deep rooted issues that I had been holding onto for years. I can now see what and why I was holding myself back from my Joy. I had a fear of putting myself out there for others to see my creative work. After working with Deb, I can now say I’m an artist (my new word) that loves all mediums & loves to show the beauty of each of them. I now can feel the burning passion in me to move forward with my talent. I still have more work to do, but when I do, I feel lighter & generally happier. Working with Deb and the inner freedom process is very powerful and I know has and will always change my life going forward.

- Sharon N.

When I met Deb, I was stuck in an unfulfilling marriage, and I wanted to figure out who I was so I could lead a life from my authentic self. But I was challenged by family and cultural expectations to live a traditional life, to the point that, I had NO idea what I wanted. But now, I have a clear vision of the life I want, and I am confidently rocking down a path of authenticity and living life on my terms.

– Shannon M.

Wow, I don't even recognize myself sometimes, lol. Thanks for all of the tools that you have given me over these last three years which have helped me get where I am today and continue to help me take care of myself.

- Sue T.

I have to tell you how happy I am that I'm working with you. Honestly, I have had 2 really big shifts in just 2 sessions. I will be completely transformed in another 5 months! I just think it's amazing what you do and thank you for coming into my life.

– Michelle L.


I felt I was too busy to attend, but I honoured that voice inside me that whispered "This is just what you need right now". The voice was right and I returned feeling rested and recharged. I also felt the benefits well into the work week - feeling more grounded and peaceful.

– Bev D.

As always, Deb invites a sense of balance and harmony – welcoming us “home” into ourselves and discovering those places inside that need our attention and love. This program would benefit anyone looking to become more introspective, reflective, contemplative.

– Carol G.

I learned that every minute or second doesn’t have to be filled. It’s ok to have time for pausing, waiting, resting, and absorbing. I did more yoga than I ever have before and felt comfortable in that environment. It was ok if I couldn’t do everything or if I got shaky at times. I went further than I ever have and will try more now. Thank you for providing a calm safe place for women to be open and share and stretch together.

– Liz P.

Prior to attending this retreat, I did not feel like my true self. I've been battling mental illness for several years now. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions and a constant battle (feeling like I'm ok and in control of my situation and health, only to come crashing down and realize the healing process isn't quite complete). Coming into the retreat (and in the days that followed), I realized there were some key areas that still required some attention... such as more compassion for self, more self-love and acceptance needed (not falling for society's expectations of what my life should resemble at this stage (or age) of my life). I've also come to realize that I needed to forgive myself for enduring abuse for as long as I did in a past relationship. This past week and a half, there has been a lot of meditation, self-reflectance and plenty of walks/runs within nature which has been so grounding and has helped me find some peace with certain things. I can attest that this retreat and the nurturing effects it's had on me is definitely helping me find my way to "myself" again and to living life to the fullest (once again). So, thank you Deb for the most amazing day that I have had in a very long time. :)

- Christine