Is This You

Is This You?

Take a look through these scenarios and see if any of them sound familiar...

You have reached many of your goals - a good job, stable relationship, nice home, maybe you have children... but it feels like there is something missing. You are starting to wonder if these goals were really yours to begin with. You feel like a part of you is not being expressed and your talents are not being used fully. Chances are you also feel guilty or scared to admit that you aren't feeling happy.

You spend so much of your time and energy happily giving to others - family, friends, work, community, etc. Lately you have been feeling drained, depleted and a bit resentful that you don't take time for yourself. And even if you did take time for yourself, you're not sure if you know how to care for yourself.

An art project has been rolling around in your mind for years now. Or maybe, you are drawn to some form of artistic expression but you're not sure what you would do if you ever gave yourself the permission to try. Every time you think about trying something you feel excited, inspired and full of energy but when it comes to starting you doubt whether you have the skill or talent to create anything and so you never start.

You're at the office, facing the usual pile of paperwork and demands when suddenly an overwhelming exhaustion washes over you. You know instinctively that something needs to change but where would you even start and what would happen to the other parts of your life if you did make a change?

I work with women (or those who identify as women) ages 40 – 70 who are:

  • Single, married, common-law
  • business owners/entrepreneurs
  • artists/creatives
  • Moms
  • balancing work outside the home with work inside the home

Our work together will be more successful if you share some or most of these values with me:

  • Freedom
  • Beauty
  • Joy
  • Curiosity and a willingness to experiment
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Creativity
  • Personal growth
  • Embodiment practices and physical movement
  • Openness to learning about yourself
  • Often find yourself in the self-help section of the bookstore!

If this sounds
like you:

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