Why its so Hard to Stick to Resolutions

The calendar has flipped to a new page and now everything (or some things) is/are going to be different!  This is the year when you will finally start exercising, write your novel, start your business, lose the weight, take the art class, get your finances in order, clean behind the fridge...

Phew!  So much pressure on a new year and on you!

While your intentions are noble, this kind of pressure is already putting you at a disadvantage and has set the stage for almost certain failure to achieve your goals. 
Not everyone fails in their desire to make changes and better themselves but it is a rare few who can claim this achievement.  Why can a few achieve their goals and most can not?

New Year’s resolutions, goals, themes, WOTY*, plans, etc., often fail because you are missing a few key ingredients for success.

The first ingredient is wisdom – your wisdom.

For example, is your desire to lose weight coming from a clear knowing that you are ready to shed the layers of protection that have been keeping you safe or is it coming from someone or something outside of you that says you’ll be loved, belong, be more successful if you are skinny?
Your inner wisdom knows what you truly need – connect with that and you’ll be 1/3 of the way to success!

The second ingredient is joy.

When you think about your goal or theme or resolution are you filled with exuberance and excitement to get into action?  Or are you steeling yourself for the battle ahead, determined to make it happen but already exhausted at the thought of starting?

Determination and will power are short term fuels.  Joy is an easily renewable force.  Joy based goals are much more likely to be achieved.  Goals based in scarcity and “I need to fix something” mentality are most likely to fail. 

These two ingredients are important.  They make a world of difference in your ability to create change, but this third ingredient is the game changer!

The third ingredient is creating supportive environments.

Your home, relationships, technology, beliefs, etc., all impact your daily actions. Consciously and intentionally create your environments well and not only will you make the changes easily, but the changes will also stick. 

If you want to create something new for yourself this year, tune into your deeper wisdom, connect it with your joy and then create supportive environments and there will be no stopping you!!

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