How do you want to feel?

We have made the transition into winter and into a new calendar year.

How are you feeling?

Take a moment right now and notice:

  • What sensations do you feel in your body when you think of where you are in this new year?
  • What emotions come up right now when you become present to them
  • What are the thoughts that run on a loop through your mind – maybe in the forefront or maybe just incessantly in the background

What do you notice?

Allow yourself to be present to whatever is there for your body, heart and mind.

Is this the way that you want to feel? Is there anything that you would like to be different?

As a coach, people hire me to help them achieve their goals. Goals are great and can act as a strong guidepost for creating the life you want. At the same time, what I have seen over and over is that if the goals don’t have the “right” feel to it, they will be abandoned pretty quickly.  Without an aligned feeling, taking action to reach your goals won’t be sustainable.

Let’s say that you set a goal to get fit. Maybe you assume this means buying a gym membership and making yourself go every day or several times a week. If you don’t love going to the gym, chances are good that you will be paying for a membership that doesn’t get used after the first couple of weeks.

Another approach is to step back from the goal and ask, “how do I want to feel?”  Do you want to feel strong, confident, vibrant, full of energy, comfortable in your own skin, etc.?  Once you know how you want to feel, open yourself up to all the ways you can experience these feelings.  Archery builds upper body strength and so can throwing a pot in pottery class.  Ax throwing builds core and upper body strength and can help you feel more confident.  Belly dancing is a whole body workout, tones everything and helps you love your body inside and out (plus you get to wear pretty, sparkly things!).  Trying new things, meeting new people, going to new places can help you feel vibrantly alive and full of energy.

Tuning into the way you want to feel gives you many more options for delight and joy and - as you’ve heard me say before – joy is the fuel!

There’s no telling what’s ahead of us in this new year so get clear about how you want to feel and let that be your guide to a happier, healthier, shinier new year!

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