Let's Get Comfortable

I lifted her foot and placed a small towel under her ankle. Her body softened and a smile spread over her face.

“That’s soooo much better,” she sighed

“Good,” I whispered and softly walked to the next yoga student, gently adding a prop so that her shoulder could release, then to the next student, offering props to their pose and watching how their body began to melt into the support and hearing the telltale sigh as they relaxed.

It doesn’t matter how many ways that I say or demonstrate it, people just don’t give themselves what they need in order to be comfortable in this yoga class. I get it. In a world that teaches you to always push yourself, that life is hard and struggle and suffering are the only path to recognition it’s almost counterintuitive to allow yourself to be comfortable in any situation.


There is a wise part of you that knows that comfort is very important. The part of you that reaches for the old, shapeless sweater at the end of the day or automatically curls up with a soft blanket during a rainstorm or naturally cooks a delicious stew on a cold winter afternoon.

This wise part of you knows that being comfortable is the best way to create the life that is most aligned for you. Being physically comfortable helps you to become calm. When your body is calm, it starts to work the way it was meant to work, and healing becomes available. When you are calm, you are more efficient, you have more clarity, and you are more creative – not just in artistic ways but in all aspects of your life. If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that you can be equally, if not more, productive in your fuzzy slippers!

And your conditioning is powerful. It’s challenging to go against your environment but if enough of us start making comfort and calm a priority, then maybe it will soon become the norm to wear your onesie to the office!

Let’s get comfortable, shall we?

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