Learning Something New

I sharpened my pencils, made sure my eraser was nearby and pulled out a fresh, new notebook.  It reminded me of going back to school in the early grades – the excitement of learning new things, the fun of making new friends and the smell of a fresh new pack of crayons.

I little bit nervous but more excited, I waited for class to start.

When was the last time you learned something new?  More than just a quick Google search to find the answer to a question – but something you could immerse yourself in, be challenged by and come away energized by your new knowledge and skills.  Do you occasionally (or maybe always) step outside your usual areas of learning or do you stick to one main subject or theme?

I’ll admit that I almost always stick to the same subject.  I am so passionate about personal and spiritual growth that its hard for me to pull myself away to learn other subjects. 

The course I signed up for is a long way from the usual courses I take, and I spent the first few weeks feeling completely lost and overwhelmed.  Full confession – I have thought about quitting more than once but I’m still in the course and I’m noticing something interesting.

All my work, other courses (I’m in three right now!) and activities feel easier.  I seem to be learning more quickly, retaining the learning and getting more done in less time.  When you use your brain in new ways, it ripples out and benefits other areas of your life. 

This new course is really hard for me.  The learning curve is very steep and there is a very good chance I won’t succeed in my goals with the course but … does that matter if other areas of my life are better for having tried?  This experience prompted me to try other new things like doing a six week series of Facebook lives (which you can access here) and offering a new event to help you relax and heal

What might be different for you if you encouraged yourself to learn something new?

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