You're Not Lazy ... Part 2

In last month’s newsletter I talked about what is really going on when you think you are lazy, stuck or unmotivated.  This month, I want to add another possibility for you to consider.

You are not in the practice of listening to yourself. 

You have been taught and conditioned to judge yourself negatively by the people and culture that surrounds you.  Since you were very young, you learned to think this way about yourself and this conditioning has been drowning out the true voice that would never judge you harshly. 

Try this out right now (if you want to, that is…)

Think of something you say to yourself that is less than complimentary.

Got it?

Now, let yourself get quiet and still for a moment.  Stop multi-tasking and feel your breath.

Then ask yourself, “whose voice is this?  Who is really saying this (fill in your negative judgement here)?”

Let a name, a face, a group or even a sense float up to your consciousness.

Is it a parent, a teacher, the priest, the community you grew up in?  Maybe the kids you hung around with when you were in high school or even programs that you have watched on tv.  I know that I have never once asked a coaching client this question and they have answered that it was their own voice.  It is ALWAYS someone else’s voice.  And I’m not trying to place blame anywhere – generally, the people in your life were just trying to look out for you – but the problem with listening to everyone else’s voice is that you will get pulled in all directions.

Sweet One…you are not lazy, stuck, unmotivated or any other mean label you may have been putting on yourself.  You’ve been taught to think this way and the good news is, you can learn a new way to think! Imagine what your life might be like if you only had to listen to one consistent, loving and wise voice…. maybe peace on earth could really happen!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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