What's Around the Next Corner

Recently I went for a walk in the fog and mist of a quiet fall morning.  I walk on this trail regularly and always notice the small side trails that lead into the trees, but I often feel like I don’t have the time to see where those trails might go.

This time, I gave in to my curiosity and left the well known path to see where the smaller trail might take me.  It felt like a little adventure – getting off the beaten path, not knowing where I was going or what might be around the next corner.  I was excited about what I might discover!
My walk was delightful!  There were so many beautiful things to look at and at one point, I came to a clearing with a small field where a family of Canada geese were resting quietly in the grass.
I wonder what might happen if we could adopt this approach in all areas of our life.

Instead of worrying about what might be around the next corner or being afraid that we will lose our way, could we exchange our worry for curiosity?  What if we could trust ourselves and know that we are capable of finding our way, even if we do get lost?  What would happen to the tension in our bodies, hearts and minds if we looked at our life as a series of adventures?

The truth is, we never know what’s around the next corner.  We don’t know what’s going to happen next no matter how much we to try to plan and protect ourselves from all the possibilities.  So let’s take some of the side trails.  Let’s take a break from the vigilance and see where curiosity takes us.
Who’s up for an adventure??

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