What Seeds Will You Plant for Your Life?

During the pandemic, my husband and I decided to plant a small garden.  We had the time and the space but not the best conditions.  We set up a small, raised bed with a protective cover of netting around it to keep the rabbits and the deer out.  Then we planted our seeds, set up a watering schedule and dreamed of the delicious harvest we would have later in the summer.

It wasn’t long before we could see tiny green shoots poking up from the earth and as spring progressed it looked like our little garden was really taking shape.

By the end of the summer however, it was a different story.  The arugula was decimated by flea beetles, most of the beans had been broken off by the wind, the cucumber plants were lush and full but only produced 2 cucumbers and the carrots barely made it an inch out of the ground.  The only seeds that thrived were the lettuce seeds and we did enjoy several lettuce salads that summer. 

This is the way of gardening and the way of life, I think.  Not all the seeds you plant are going to make it.  Whether its carrot seeds or the seeds of a new business idea, art project or relationship, some will thrive and produce results and some will barely see the light of day. 

Knowing this fact of life can be helpful because it’s a reminder that you need to be thoughtful and intentional with the seeds you wish to plant.  We over planted our little raised bed and there wasn’t enough sunlight where we positioned the bed.  I have often planted the seeds for too many projects and ideas only to be stretched too thin, ending up depleted with many things half done or done so poorly that I would have been better off not starting at all. 

As you emerge from the cave of winter, pulled by the fresh energy of spring, give yourself some time to get clear about what seeds you want to plant for this season of your life.  What is one thing you want to focus your time, energy and love on this spring?  Plant those seeds and see how it thrives!

Photo by Maryna Bohucharska on Unsplash


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