Take Your Vitamins!

The early morning sun shone through the rustling leaves, causing shadow and light to dance softly across the patio table.  Bright pink and purple flowers in containers around the deck created a colorful contrast to the green of the grass and the leaves.  Song birds twittered in the mature trees around the yard, the occasional chickadee or nuthatch landing on the feeder as if to share breakfast with us.  A mama deer casually strolled across the lawn, pausing to look over at us as my friend and I enjoyed breakfast on the deck. 


One of my most favorite things to do – breakfast outside on a sunny summer morning.  Having a friend join me for breakfast only made it more delightful!

That’s how I started my week last week – by taking my bliss vitamins.

I realized a long time ago that I am much more effective when I am happy.  I have more energy, I have better concentration, I am more organized and I get more tasks done (and done well). I have often called these joy filled moments joy boosters and my teacher refers to them as bliss vitamins.  I thought that was a great way to frame it – most of us wouldn’t go for weeks without taking our vitamins or supplements or medications, why do we go for weeks without taking the time to enjoy something yummy, beautiful, peaceful, etc?

Taking a few minutes each day to enjoy or indulge in something that makes your heart sing is good for the heart, not to mention the body and the mind. 

Have you taken your bliss vitamins today?  What are some of your best or favorite “vitamins?”


Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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