Do You Need Boundaries?

After participating in a beautiful workshop on divine feminine movement, I wandered around the healing festival grounds taking in the vendors and practitioners who were offering everything from cake mixes to energy work. 
I had stumbled across this festival while we were camping this summer and something in me drew me to go.  Specifically, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to go to the tarot card reader.  I’ve only had my cards read once and I was surprised to feel this strong desire to have it done that day. 
I sat down at her table and she laid out 4 cards to start.  She briefly explained their purpose and then laid out the next series of cards.  Suddenly, she looked up at me and practically shouted:
“Okayyy,” I said hesitantly, silently second guessing my intuitive nudge to get my cards read.
“You have GOT to set better boundaries!” she exclaimed.  “Your energy is being drained and you have to stop this now!”
She went on to explain how I was giving my energy away to people and activities that were giving me nothing in return, that I was absorbing too much negative energy and that I needed to set much stronger boundaries or I would deplete myself to the point of illness.
As I listened to her, I could feel a deep ring of truth in her words.  After my cancer journey 10 years ago, I had been really conscious of pulling back my boundaries and being very discerning about where I shared my energy.  Lately, those lines had become fuzzy and the tarot card reader was tuning into my truth.
How are your boundaries these days?   Are you clear about what you want, who you are and how you want to be treated?  Do you speak up for what you need and stand firm when others force their needs and expectations on you?  Do you make sure that you get enough rest, eat well and have time for fun and joy?  These are just a few examples of healthy boundaries and if you have been feeling drained, grumpy or overwhelmed lately, there’s a good chance that your boundaries, like mine, have been getting a bit fuzzy…or maybe they have collapsed completely. 
But not to worry!  Recognizing it is the first step to making a few changes and over this next few months, I’ll be sharing more ideas and resources to help you (and me) get back to our vibrant, joyful selves.


Photo by Chris Ruch on Unsplash

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