The Need for Beauty and Joy

“How can I live in such a beautiful place when there are so many people who don’t have a home at all?”

“I didn’t want to say how happy I am because you are going through such a hard time, and I don’t want to you to feel worse.”

These were two separate conversations that I had with friends recently.  Have you ever said or thought anything similar?

Do you find yourself holding back some good news, a success or your happiness because you are worried about making others feel bad or that you are being inconsiderate of the people who are caught in grief and loss, health challenges or violent, life-threatening situations?

There is no question that life in our world has been less than ideal for quite some time and kindness, compassion and support are needed at unprecedented levels.

I also firmly believe that joy and beauty are needed now more than ever and here is why I believe this….

If you have been in the Get It Dunn world for even a short time you will be aware that I tune into nature for support, inspiration and guidance for living a healthy and joyful life.  What I know and can see is that nature is always moving toward balance.  In my opinion, I think we need to keep moving towards balance too. 

The world needs you to share your beauty and joy as much as possible right now because that is what will balance out the mean-ness and ugliness that seems to be overtaking everything.  If you are not sharing your joy or creating the beauty only you can create then how can good win? We all need role models and reminders that joy is possible and that beauty can bring healing and transcend divisiveness.  If we don’t have glimmers of joy and beauty to guide us, how will we ever find our way out of the dark?  How will we bring balance back?

I hope you will consider this idea as we move forward into a new season and a new year.  Let’s bring joy and beauty back into our world and create a better balance for all of us.

Photo by Kolby Milton on Unsplash

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