A New Year Wish For You

The calendar is about to turn to a new year and I am stopping by with gratitude and a new year’s wish for you.

My deepest gratitude goes out to all of you who receive and read my newsletters every month.  I know that you are often overrun with email and to know that you take the time to open and read my emails fills my heart with awe and joy at your graciousness.  I find so much joy in sharing my random thoughts and experiences and you’ll never know how much I appreciate that you actually signed up to let me do just that! Thank you.

Now I want to offer one or two of those thoughts for the turning of the year….

First, let me say that you did enough this past year.

You may be arguing with me in your mind right now and hear me when I say,

“You. Did. Enough.” 

Yes there are unfinished projects, times when you forgot to call your friend, days when your big plans fell through because of illness or worse….you can spend your precious life force energy drawing up a list of all the things left undone or, you can listen to me when I say “You did enough, you are enough and it is safe for you to rest now.” 

Second, if you want to make lists you can close this year by making a list of all the things you did do. 
Call it your Ta Dah List and every time you write something down make sure you stand up, throw your arms over your head and yell “TA DAH!!!”

Fill this list with all the days you got out of bed, all the times you showed up to work (still counts even if you weren’t fully dressed), every time you picked up groceries, paid a bill, walked the dog, cleaned up after the hamster, listened to a friend, made soup, landed the new client, tried something new, gave someone a hug, held the door open for the person behind you….your daily life is so full of accomplishments that it boggles the mind to think about it!  Please give yourself the grace that you would give anyone else that you care about.  Head into this new year on the energy of how inspiringly wonderful you are!

And finally, my wish for you for this new year….

I wish that your days be filled with gentleness and ease, that you have all the support you need and more, that tiny surprises delight you with their beauty and sparkly-ness, that you find deep rest, delicious adventures and learn new and interesting things about yourself. 

And of course, I wish you all the joy you could ever want.

Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

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