Creating a new story

During my yoga class a few weeks ago, my teacher shared a personal story about fear.  She knew of a challenging hike that climbed up to very high elevations but if you were brave enough to go all the way there was a promise of a spectacular view. 

She talked to another hiker about the climb and he responded that he didn’t go to the top because he was afraid of heights. 

“So am I,” she replied and as she walked away, she became aware that her fear of heights might not be true. 

“Why am I a person who is afraid of heights,” she pondered.  “Do I really believe that now or is that a story I tell myself because it’s familiar? What might I be missing out on because I have been telling myself the same story over and over?”

In that moment, she decided that she was a person who is comfortable with heights, went on the trail, climbed to the top and was rewarded with stunning views that could only be witnessed from the highest spot. 

Her story really struck me, and I began to question my own fears and stories of woe that seem to be on repeat in my mind.  Could I possibly change some of my stories around fear?  If my teacher could do it, why couldn’t I also do the same?

If you know me well, you know that I love to tell stories and I have decided to turn that love towards myself.  I am going to try some experiments with telling myself a new story and see what might be different in my life.  This is the perfect time to experiment, too, because it aligns with the Spring energy of renewal, growth and creativity.  Maybe I will emerge from Spring a little lighter and less afraid and having created more space for joy!

How about you?  What stories do you have on repeat?  I’m not good enough, I’m too old, I’m afraid to say no because nobody will like me, I’m afraid of making a mistake, things never work out for me, it’s not fair for me to be happy, I’m too (fat, old, short, tall) to wear the clothes I love….

What might change if you changed your story?  Will you join me in this experiment?  What story would you love to change?

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