Who Do You Want to Be?

I celebrated my birthday this month.  Every year, part of my celebrations include time alone so that I can reflect on the past year, notice who I am becoming and set intentions for who I want to become in the next trip around the sun.

Being in lockdown for the second birthday in a row brought even more meaning to my reflections.  This past year has been challenging in ways we could never have dreamed.  It has left us looking for ways to navigate the constantly changing situations and try to gain some control over something.

One of the most glaring truths that this past 14 months has shown me is the futility of trying to control anything.  Thinking you finally have a handle on your life and then repeatedly having the rug pulled out from under you leaves you feeling exhausted and hopeless.

As I look back on lessons learned in my past, I can see how this similar pattern has played out over and over again.  Every time I think I have control over my life, life reminds me that I don’t!!  What I have been slowly learning (emphasis on slow!) is that there is one thing I can control – the kind of woman/person/human being that I want to be.  When faced with challenges, restrictions, loss, decisions, joys…life…I can choose who I want to be.

As you find yourself in this place between the world and life that we knew and the uncertainty of what will be next, consider anchoring yourself with this question:

“Who do I want to be?”

Trying to control the external forces is a losing game.  Pausing to turn your attention to your internal world dissolves the pressure to control anything.  It’s here in this deeply personal place where you can connect with what is always constant, never changing and consistently wise – the higher power of your understanding.  From this place you can ask:

“Who do I want to be?”

I look forward to meeting you….

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