Do Nothing

I’m guessing that by now, you are tired.  Everyone is tired.

No, let me rephrase...

Everyone is stretched to the maxattheendoftheirropesssoooooversourdoughalloutofcookiedough exhausted.

And what can we do about it?  What do we want to do about it?


Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do.  In fact, this current circumstance may be the perfect time to elevate doing nothing to an art form.  Stop trying to keep things normal or make the best of things.  Give yourself a break because if you don’t, then your true desire and motivation to do something will be a long, long time in returning.

“But Deb,” you might be thinking, “I can’t just do nothing... work needs to be done, people need to be fed, I have to get out of these stretchy pants somehow….”
Okay, okay... here’s what I suggest.  There are two things you can do from this weary, I’ve hit the wall place:

Be Kind – to others yes, but even more importantly, BE KIND TO YOURSELF!  Trying to whip yourself into action with harsh words or a ‘push through it’ mentality will only further wear you down and your system can not take any more stress.  Practice speaking kindly to yourself, give yourself permission to do nothing, treat your body, mind and spirit with the tenderness and understanding that you would heap on a small child, puppies, kittens, _______ (insert whatever pushes your kindness button here).  If you need to do something, be kind to yourself in every way possible.

Celebrate - something... anything.  I don’t mean throw a big party or stage a parade but to stop and acknowledge what you have been doing.  Making breakfast, wearing pants, getting out of bed (fill in your own accomplishment here).  Give yourself a pat on the back, offer yourself a hug, have a favourite warm beverage, ask your housemates to give you a standing ovation…. pausing to give yourself some recognition for even the most basic things can put a bit of extra fuel in your tank and it helps your spirit keep going.

You are doing something incredibly difficult right now.  Please acknowledge that and give yourself a break.  I am writing to you on the 8-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.  I tried many different ways to get through the years of recovery so please trust me when I say that doing nothing, being kind to yourself in the EXTREME and celebrating the small wins is the most effective way to get you to the other side.  I believe in you.


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