I was so tired

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up feeling like you never slept?  When you’re so tired that your body feels like it’s a 1000 pounds, your eyes feel like sandpaper, and you can’t remember if you put on pants?

A few weeks ago, after several nights of bad sleep, I got out of bed feeling exactly this way. I struggled through my foggy brain trying to sort out what I needed to do that day.  While my mind was trying to tell me to get going because I had a schedule to keep, a quieter inner voice was saying “go to yoga.”  I probably shouldn’t have been driving but go to yoga I did. 

Thank goodness!

Class that morning was a yin/restorative combination that did not require any standing or intricate poses.  All the poses were quiet, supportive, nurturing poses that renewed my energy, cleared my foggy brain and left my body feeling so much lighter.  I was restored and went on with my scheduled day with energy, focus and joy. 

I now offer you a similar experience during my Radical Restorative classes.  We won’t be doing yoga but you will experience some deep relaxation and nurturing support to help relieve stress, tiredness and foggy brain.

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