You Can Begin Again

The picture of a crocus in the snow with the phrase ‘you can begin again’ has graced the wall beside my desk for over a decade.  When I was going through cancer treatments, I came across it on social media and promptly stuck it to the wall to remind me that even though I had to shut my business down, I had lost some friends, and I didn’t know if I could get my health back – I could always begin again. 

I was fortunate to come through the treatments, build my health and shift the direction of my business.  I had purposefully hung the poster where I would see it every day so that I was always reminded that I could begin again.

There have been so many times when I have had to “lean” on that poster.  Every time one of my program offerings didn’t fill up or one of my retreats didn’t run; each time a coaching client would “graduate”; when I was kicked out of my spiritual development group; when an art project would fall apart; when COVID 19 shut down the world and most of our businesses; with the division of communities; the loss of friendships; right up to the death of my dad in an accident this past spring. 

Over and over again, with every loss, set back or disappointment my little poster would remind me that I can begin again. 

And why am I writing to you about this topic?

It’s the end of January and by now, maybe one or two of you have given up on or forgotten about a resolution or change you wanted to make in 2024.  Like so many of us, you may have had grand plans and visions for this new year and then the inevitable life happened.  Bingo bango – there went your hopes and dreams for another year.  If this or something similar is the case for you, don’t let this stop you. I want to offer you the possibility that you can begin again. 

Just because you missed the daily workout or fell off the diet or you’re still thinking all the negative thoughts, or you haven’t mastered Candy Crush or you still haven’t made it to bed before midnight doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  You have the option to begin again. 

Every day, every hour, every minute is another chance to begin again. 

Please know that you may not be ready to begin again if you have experienced the loss of your home, the death of a loved one, being ghosted by a friend, the end of a marriage or the completion of a big, important project.  Listen to yourself and you’ll know when you are ready.  In the meantime, write yourself a little note and post it where you can see it so that you remember that you can begin again.

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